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Helping define conservation planning needs for "Web 3.0"

How can the internet of the future help us make better conservation decisions? We're helping to figure that out. The CCLC is partnering with the Spatial Decision Support Consortium on project that was funded by the National Science Foundation. We are working with researchers Dr. John Gallo from CBI and Dr. Timothy Nyerges from University of Washington to identify "Need to Know Questions" for landscape scale conservation.

The CCLC has spent considerable effort over the years defining fundamental questions that support our decision support needs. We've done this through focus group meetings, webinars and our decision support tools document. We've selected a set of four questions to focus on:

What are important areas for ecosystem services, working lands, species, and ecosystems?

How do we unnderstand and visualize the network of practitioners in the region?

How do we understand, communicate, and visualize the condition of our shared conservation, working lands, and human well-being targets?

How can we map ‘strategies’ over the landscape?

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