Our Vision

Achieve a network of healthy, connected ecosystems and working landscapes capable of providing a full suite of ecosystem services that can absorb, respond, and adapt to climatic changes and other key stressors through the use of collaborative, science-based strategies.

Our Principles


We seek to actively bring partners together  to

co-produce a landscape-scale conservation blueprint.



We provide our partners with rationale for our process, and

welcome input as we grow.



We are accessible to a network of representative regional partners.



We engage partners from across multiple boundaries.



We use the best available knowledge to make pragmatic landscape conservation decisions.

Our Logo

Our logo is meant to convey the desired connectivity of our landscape and of the communities throughout the region. It was created by Ernie Rose of Rose Designs, located in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Our tagline, Designing for Resilience, represents our vision of co-creating a landscape capable of supporting resilient landscapes and communities.

Questions, comments, looking to collaborate?

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