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CCLC Landscape Dialogue Series

Every quarter, the CCLC plans to create a dialogue around topics that are relevant to landscape conservation for multiple audiences.  We hope to find a space for collaboration and evolution of conservation practices.  

Our Goal is to amplify strategies that incentivize healthy landscapes for people, native fish,  wildlife, and plants.  The Landscape Dialogue Series is one pathway for that goal.  Read about our events below....

October 2019: Southwest Washington Small Forest Lands Conservation Partnership & Conservation Incentives


The Cascades to Coast Landscape Collaborative (CCLC) hosted events in mid-October in Longview, Shelton and South Bend .  These focused on conservation incentives and their role in sustaining small family forests over the long term.  The events featured a talk highlighting a new, innovative regional incentive program called the Southwest Washington Small Forest Lands Conservation Partnership.  It also included an open discussion on how to improve incentives for Small Forest Landowners (SFLOs).  Over 65 SFLOs and representatives of land trusts, agencies and NGOs attended.

South Bend, WA workshop (photo: John Mankowski)

Read the report here:

Thanks to WDFW, Defenders of Wildlife, WDNR, WSU Extension and USFWS Science Applications

Watch a "studio" recording of the presentations. 

Next Steps for the Landscape Dialogue Series

The Landscape Dialogue series is a strategy to address two goals:

- To catalyze a spirit of collaboration and  communication

- To amplify strategies that incentivize healthy landscapes for people, native fish,  wildlife, and plants

We are identifying topics for our next event.  If you have any ideas, please e-mail