Scientific assessments are critical to informing the efforts of our landscape conservation design projects. This page of our website provides links to important regional assessments associated with freshwater, terrestrial, and marine environments.

Willamette Valley-Puget Trough-Georgia Basin Ecoregional Assessment

TNC, 2014

The Oregon Conservation Stategy.PNG

The Oregon Conservation Strategy

ODFW 2016

Pathways to Strategic Estuaries.PNG

Pathways to Strategic Conservation in West Coast Estuaries

PMEP, 2017

Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation

Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation Strategy

Audubon, 2016

Conserving Nature's Stage: Identifying Resilient Terrestrial Landscapes in the Pacific Northwest

TNC, 2015

The Oregon Nearshore Strategy.PNG

The Oregon Nearshore Strategy

ODFW, 2015

Pacific NW Coast Ecoregional Assessment.

Pacific Northwest Coast Ecoregional Assessment

TNC, 2006

Nursery Functins of West Coast Estuaries

Nursery Functions of West Coast Estuaries: Data Assessment for Juveniles of 15 Focal Fish and Crustacean Species

PMEP, 2015

East Cascades-Modoc Plateau-West Cascades Ecoregional Assessment

TNC, 2007

Eelgrass Habitats on the U.S. West Coast: State of the Knowledge of Eelgrass Ecosystem Services and Eelgrass Extent

TNC and PMEP, 2018

The coastal connection.PNG

Coastal Connections: Assessing Oregon's Estuaries for Conservation Planning

TNC, 2008

Pacific Northwest Marine.PNG

Pacific Northwest Marine Ecoregional Assessment

TNC, 2013