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Oregon Conservation Programs

Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts

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Forest, Agriculture


Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts

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Marketing, Financial

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Our mission is to serve and strengthen the land trust community in Oregon.



Land trusts in Oregon have conserved over 420,000 acres—some of which are open to the public. These lands protect critical habitat, conserve productive farms and forests and expand recreational opportunities. Land trusts complement Oregon’s rich mosaic of public lands, land use regulations, and growing urban areas by adding another way to provide public values. Land trusts are a key piece in the ongoing puzzle of how we wish to see our state grow and thrive while sustaining the literal ground that gives us life. Each land trust is charted, organized, and managed as a nonprofit to ensure the lands they conserve stay protected forever for the benefit of the public.



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Kelley Beamer


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Information last updated on July 1, 2022.

Planning Importance

Developing a forest, agricultural, or conservation plan helps identify and prioritize objectives for landowners. These objectives can determine what type programs to search for. Supporting organizations in your area often provide free consultation and planning.

Landscape Characteristics

See how your land fits into the broader context of regional conservation, ecosystem services, and working lands' values across the landscape through our interactive mapper tool. It could help you determine which program is a good fit for you!

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