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Oregon Conservation Programs

Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances (CCAA)

Program level:


Land use:

Agriculture, Forest



Benefits provided: 

Free technical assistance

Water-focused program: 


A permit assuring you will not be held responsible for harm to listed species if you develop a conservation plan.



Conservation of animal and plant resources on non-federal lands is important because many species rely heavily – or even entirely – on such lands. However, due to concern about potential land use restrictions that could occur if a species becomes listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), some property owners have been reluctant to engage in conservation activities that encourage use of their land or water by such species. A Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances (CCAA) addresses this concern by providing incentives for non-federal property owners to engage in voluntary conservation activities that provides a net conservation benefit to the species.

More specifically, a CCAA provides participating property owners with a permit containing assurances that if they engage in certain conservation actions for species included in the agreement, they will not be required to implement additional conservation measures beyond those in the CCAA. If the species is listed, additional land, water, or resource use limitations will not be imposed on them, unless they consent to such changes.

Visit the website for more information about CCAA's, how they help a species, what can be included in the agreements, how they are made and more. In addition to the website, use this factsheet for further information.


Must have a plant or animal species on the property that is a candidate for being listed as endangered.

Financial benefit: 


Contact information

Contact person: 

Joe Zisa and Shauna Everett


Phone number: 



Information last updated on July 1, 2022.

Planning Importance

Developing a forest, agricultural, or conservation plan helps identify and prioritize objectives for landowners. These objectives can determine what type programs to search for. Supporting organizations in your area often provide free consultation and planning.

Landscape Characteristics

See how your land fits into the broader context of regional conservation, ecosystem services, and working lands' values across the landscape through our interactive mapper tool. It could help you determine which program is a good fit for you!

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