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Oregon Conservation Programs

Bark Beetle Mitigation

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USDA Forest Service

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Technical Assistance

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​​​The goal of the Bark Beetle Mitigation Fund is to assist family forestland owners in prevention and help restore areas affected by bark beetles.



Projects may include the thinning of stands to reduce susceptibility to beetle attacks
Projects should be focused on prevention and increasing resiliency
Areas adjacent to current bark beetle outbreaks or those deemed to be under imminent threat will receive the highest priority in selection


Funds are subject to local availability in areas of Eastern and Central Oregon
Costs of pruning as well as profitable salvage operations are not eligible

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Contact information

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Nathan Agalzoff


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Information last updated on July 1, 2022.

Planning Importance

Developing a forest, agricultural, or conservation plan helps identify and prioritize objectives for landowners. These objectives can determine what type programs to search for. Supporting organizations in your area often provide free consultation and planning.

Landscape Characteristics

See how your land fits into the broader context of regional conservation, ecosystem services, and working lands' values across the landscape through our interactive mapper tool. It could help you determine which program is a good fit for you!

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