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Oregon Conservation Programs

2020 Post-Fire Recovery Grants

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Grants to support natural resource recovery in areas impacted during the 2020 fire season



During the 2021 Oregon Legislative Session, OWEB received funding to provide grants to support natural resource recovery in areas impacted during the 2020 fire season. These grants are supported by General Funds and have an explicit Legislative intent, per House Bill 5006 (2021). Funding was provided to support on-the-ground implementation activities focusing on upland and riparian replanting and floodplain restoration.


2020 Post-fire Floodplain Restoration: Eligible activities include floodplain restoration and reconnection activities. Projects should be focused on implementation of floodplain restoration and reconnection projects. Applications must demonstrate how proposed areas for natural resources recovery work have been identified and prioritized for floodplain restoration and reconnection actions in assessments and/or analyses to re-establish hydrologic and ecological functions to address water-quality concerns and reduce post-fire flood risk. See the OWEB 2020 Post-Fire Recovery Grant Program Guidance document below for more specifics about allowable activities.
Eligible applicants include tribes, watershed councils, soil and water conservation districts, not-for-profit organizations, schools, community colleges, state institutions of higher education, independent not-for-profit institutions of higher education, and political subdivisions of the state that are not state agencies. A state agency or federal agency may apply for funding only as a co-applicant with one of the other eligible entities.

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OWEB 2020 Post-Fire Recovery Grant Program Overview and Guidance: This document outlines important information about grant program structure, provides guidance to potential applicants that will help determine if proposed projects are appropriate for the OWEB 2020 Post-Fire Recovery Grant Program, and outlines important considerations for this grant program.

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Renee Davis


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Information last updated on July 1, 2022.

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Developing a forest, agricultural, or conservation plan helps identify and prioritize objectives for landowners. These objectives can determine what type programs to search for. Supporting organizations in your area often provide free consultation and planning.

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