Olympic Peninsula Conservation Programs

Public Benefit Rating System (PBRS)

Program level:


Land use:

Agriculture, Forest



Benefits provided: 


Water-focused program: 


Reduce land assessed value to save on taxes.



Tax savings are based on a point system. Points are awarded for each PBRS resource category a property qualifies for (such as protecting buffers to streams and wetlands, ground water protection, preserving significant wildlife habitat, conserving farmland and native forestland, preserving historic landmarks and more). The total points awarded for a property’s PBRS resources translate into a 50% to 90% reduction in the land assessed value for the portion of the property enrolled.


The participating area must contain an identified open space resource and must have the
potential for use or development that will be restricted by enrollment in the program.

Financial benefit: 

Save on taxes

Contact information

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Local county office

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Information last updated on November 1, 2021.

Planning Importance

Developing a forest, agricultural, or conservation plan helps identify and prioritize objectives for landowners. These objectives can determine what type programs to search for. Supporting organizations in your area often provide free consultation and planning.

Landscape Characteristics

See how your land fits into the broader context of conservation, ecosystem services, and working lands values across the landscape through our interactive mapper tool. It could help you determine which program is right for you!

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