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Family Forest Fish Passage Program (3F2P)

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Washington DNR

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Free technical assistance

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Get help removing barriers for fish.



The Family Forest Fish Passage Program (FFFPP) assists private forestland owners in removing culverts and other stream crossing structures that keep trout, salmon, and other fish from reaching upstream habitat. Road culverts and other structures that are aging, too small, or improperly installed can block fish from reaching their spawning grounds, and young rearing salmon from reaching the ocean. The program funds the replacement of eligible barriers with new structures.


You harvest less than 2 million board feet of timber each year from lands you own in Washington.

The culvert is on forestland and associated with a road. The land is capable of supporting a merchantable stand of timber and is not being used for anything incompatible with growing timber.

The structure is on a fish-bearing stream: Any stream wider than 2 feet in western Washington (3 feet in eastern Washington) with a gradient less than 20 percent is considered potential fish habitat. A site-specific evaluation can determine if smaller or steeper streams also are fish-bearing.

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Laurie Cox


Washington Department of Natural Resources

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Information last updated on December 1, 2020.

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