Designing for Resilience

Our Approach

The place between the ridges of the Coast and Cascades Ranges to the shores of the Pacific Ocean is a special place. It’s where people make a living, where birds and animals make their home, where salmon migrate upstream, where first people keep their traditional way of life and where millions of people from major urban areas recreate.  


Looking back in time 50 years, our landscape looked very different than it does now. We can be certain that in 50 years we’ll see more landscape-scale change.


Increasing population, drier and hotter summers, and invasive species are predicted stressors in our region. We need a collaboratively designed landscape to ensure we keep our working landscapes working, the values and interests of people in the region alive and vibrant, and wildlife resources healthy, connected, and sustainable.

Our efforts bring together a diverse group of natural and cultural resource partners to create landscapes and ecosystems that represent commonly held community values, use the best available science and knowledge, with a goal for a connected, resilient region for years to come.

Our Partners

The Cascades to Coast Landscape Collaborative is a multi-partner driven initiative with multiple partners interested in and working towards similar conservation goals. Multiple teams are made up of land managers, researchers, and other stakeholders alike from federal, tribal, state, and local governments, non-profits, NGOs, and more.




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Our Partners

Our Partners



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